reviews escape room in Sydney
reviews escape room in Sydneyreviews escape room in Sydneyreviews escape room in Sydneyreviews escape room in Sydney

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Every escape room in Sydney in one place

reviews escape room in Sydney

Escape rooms are taking the entertainment industry by storm in Australia. You and your team will be locked in a game for one hour. Use your skills, creativity and teamwork to find hidden clues, puzzles or keys to escape.

Escape rooms Sydney have been taking the entertainment industry by storm. The concept is simple, you and your team are locked in a room for an hour and will need to use all the creativity, guile and teamwork you can muster to leave as winners. Whether you’re looking for an escape room in Glen Waverley or elsewhere in Sydney – you can be sure to find them here on Enescape.

Find clues, solve puzzles and advance through a unique narrative that will leave you with great memories and a stronger bond with your teammates. Think you can do it? Try it now! Here you’ll find all the escape rooms in Sydney and trust us when we say that you’ll want to try them all!

You’ll discover on Enescape that Escape game companies typically have something for everyone. It’s common for Escape rooms in Sydney to offer a range of flexible packages: these can be anything from teambuilding activities for corporate events, to small groups of two people. As well as offering flexible packages, you’ll find that their themes are flexible too. You’ll find rooms that are suitable for all audience types. Whether your group is made up of a more mature audience or you’ve come as a family – we guarantee you’ll find a room that’s suitable for you.

At Enescape you’ll find a range of information regarding all major escape room companies in Australia. The contacts for each company, as well as an extensive catalogue of rooms that each company can offer, will be available on the website. This information will be collated in one easy-to-find location and is perfectly suited for all player types – from first-timers to veterans. Interested in finding an escape room in South Yarra? Visit Enescape – to find them all, along with current and up-to-date reviews for each one.

The partner room page will be exclusively available for each partner company who signs up with the website. For example, a company for escape room in Brunswick will have a personal page that acts like a profile – with a booking page for all their available rooms. On a side note, interesting news articles related to the industry will be regularly posted on the website to give players and companies future ideas for rooms.


Gateway No. 9                                                                                      The people living in the city have been whispering about the inexplicable phenomenon’s circulating around the old abandoned building.Gateway No. 9
2-8 60 min Medium

Crime scene `95
​Welcome to the wicks road! The inquiry team has just arrived to the scene of a terrible crime.Crime scene `95
2-8 60 min Hard

Ex Libris
​Calling all literary heroes! The world of literature has broken free and has merged with reality!Ex Libris
2-30 75 min MediumLG, 23 O’Connell St, Sydney, NSW 2000

Abandoned Military Bunker on the Rocks
Your mission as a member of an investigating team: A BUNKER!Abandoned Military Bunker on the Rocks
2-8 60 min Medium
13 Cambridge St, The Rocks, NSW 2000

Supercell 117
​You find yourselves in a cell hand-cuffed and blindfolded, with stifling smoke.Supercell 117
2-6 60 min Medium13 Cambridge St, The Rocks, NSW 2000

​You enter the mysterious place of a famous magician, in search of his secrets.SEN3ES
2-6 60 min Medium

The Virus
The newest high-tech computer system has been created recently by our research institute and the Doctors named it “LYU”.The Virus
3-8 60 min Medium

​Mission confirmed: Operation MU-TMU-T
3-8 60 min Medium

The Witch
One particular evil witch kidnapped a family and dismembered them in order to create an elixir for eternal life.The Witch
4-7 80 min Hard

Dr. Disaster
​Doctor Disaster, the dastardly dictator of the small but rich island nation of Genoda has built a missile facility away from prying eyes on the dark side of the moon, and is now h…Dr. Disaster
2-6 60 min Medium

In Memoriam
​A woman in a coma. No name, no identity. Condition deteriorating, time running out.In Memoriam
2-6 60 min Medium

Vampire Castle
​It’s a stormy night when you and a friend stumble upon a gloomy castle.Vampire Castle
2-6 60 min Easy

Dr. M
Since the loss of his son, Dr. M’s grasp on reality slips further and
4-9 80 min Medium

The Lost Mine
While shopping at a Sunday market, you come across a widow trying to sell her husband’s belongings. Out of curiosity, you start up a conversation with her.The Lost Mine
3-6 80 min Hard

The Last Order
​You are Matt – a member of an assassin syndicate.The Last Order
2-6 75 min Medium

​You are special forces code-name Skyfall from the Australia National Security Agency. There is a secret mission for you.Unstoppable
2-6 80 min Medium

​One day at a commercial building, a lift carrying passengers malfunctioned and resulting in 2 casualties. You are detectives who are in charge of this accident.Trapped
2-4 70 min Medium

Secret Service Mission
​Emergency! Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt has disappeared!Secret Service Mission
2-10 60 min Easy

The Bank of Australia Heist
As Sydney’s elite police, use your investigative skills to find the thieves before they flee the city for good!The Bank of Australia Heist
2-5 60 min Medium

The Young Wizard’s Quest
Restore the magic or the secret world will be discovered.The Young Wizard’s Quest
2-10 60 min Medium

Paris Escape
Prepare to meet your worst holiday nightmare, a last minute chase in a beautiful setting, with the clock ticking.Paris Escape
1-8 60 min Easy

Sherlock Holmes – Baker Street Mystery
​Baker Street Mystery challenges players to solve a murder mystery while attempting to dismantle the notorious Baker Street Five, a high-profile gang that has been terrorizing Vict…Sherlock Holmes – Baker Street Mystery
3-8 60 min Medium

Bank Heist
​Enter the mind of a criminal, as you prepare to take on the biggest bank heist of your career. The lucrative prize, a diamond of great wealth, sits within the bank vault waiting f…Bank Heist
3-8 60 min Hard

Japanese Horror
Outsmart the wicked and release the girl’s bodies from evil before you too are trapped inside.Japanese Horror
2-8 60 min Hard

Insane Asylum
All you know is you need to get out before you become a patient of the Insane Asylum.​Insane Asylum
2-8 60 min Medium

Mexican Cartel
Will you outsmart the rival Cartels before it’s too late?​Mexican Cartel
2-8 60 min Medium

Da Vinci – The Secrets Beneath
You are the master detectives, hired to find the secret chambers and retrieve the organisation’s information before time runs outDa Vinci – The Secrets Beneath
2-8 60 min Medium

Jones’ Adventure – Journey to The Secret Chamber​
​Not long ago an expedition of famous explorers set off deep into the Guatemalan Jungle in search of a legendary relic hidden within a lost Mayan temple.Jones’ Adventure – Journey to The Secret Chamber​
4-8 60 min Medium

Avatar – The Secret of Pandora
You are part of a team of scientists who must travel to the Pandora Moon and retrieve the information from the abandoned lab before it is too late.Avatar – The Secret of Pandora
2-8 60 min Easy

Lost – Survivors of The Crash​
You need to escape from the plane wreckage and radio for help, but how do you escape and where is all the necessary equipment?Lost – Survivors of The Crash​
4-8 60 min Hard

The Forgotten Son
Seeking shelter you make way towards the light where you come upon an old wooden, rusty, tin house. The sounds of a sobbing child emanate from within.The Forgotten Son
3-6 60 min Medium

The Art of Murder
Lift fingerprints, find clues, pick locks, solve puzzles and locate the bloody murder weapon.The Art of Murder
2-6 75 min Medium

Wonderland Adventure
​Your friend has gone missing… To save him, you need to venture deep into the wonderland.Wonderland Adventure
2-8 60 min Medium

The Island
You hear a sudden gust of wind and your flight is forced to land on a mysterious island. What could possibly happen?The Island
2-8 60 min Medium

Poseydon’s Treasure
Heeding the call of the rumors, you and your crew have ventured deep into the heart of the Ryukyuan Archipelago. Amongst the thick fog you notice the silhouette of another ship.Poseydon’s Treasure
2-8 60 min Medium

​A haunted house experience Akame
2-4 30 min Easy

Royal Casino
​A role-playing challenge between luck and the odds!Royal Casino
2-8 60 min Medium

Artificial Intelligence
​One Rogue AI, a hidden control room, and an Explosive solution!Artificial Intelligence
3-860 min Medium

Ching-Chiu Palace
​A cryptic map is your only hope of escape!Ching-Chiu Palace
4-8 80 min Hard

Prison Break
​An elaborate escape plan has been formulated…Prison Break
2-8 60 min Easy

Magic Painting
​The sorcerer wields a paintbrush…Magic Painting
2-8 80 min Hard

How to Play an Escape Game?

Sure, you’ve probably heard of an escape room game – but have you ever asked yourself: what is the process behind it and how do you actually play? Here is the basic rundown on how they usually work.

First of all, you need to gather your team. Searching on Google for: ‘escape rooms for 2 players’ will show you results for most escape rooms in Sydney. They typically require between 2 and 6 players, so gather a team of motivated friends or family to get started.

Next, book your game. The best thing about escape rooms in Sydney, or around the world for that matter, is their versatility. Themes range anywhere from drama, comedy, historical and heist among many, many others. You can be sure to find a theme that can suit any type of group.

Now the fun begins, it’s time to get locked into your chosen room! Remember: you can leave at any time – just let the game master know and they’ll let you out.

Clues are hidden throughout the room. Search thoroughly and find them in unexpected places to advance through whichever narrative you have chosen. Try out escape rooms with live actors for a particularly unique experience.

An escape room live actor takes on a flexible role. They can aim to scare, inspire or slow your progress – depending on the rules of the game. The actor isn’t there to make up the numbers or simply be a showpiece – you can be certain that they’ll have a relevant role in the game. They’re there to add to the immersion or provide clues to drive the narrative. Listen to what they have to say to make the most out of the experience.

It goes without saying that the live actors deserve the respect and courtesy of every player. Escape room actors are great at what they do. Think about it: they repeatedly play the same room whilst having to adapt and improvise to the dynamic of each new group. Take the difficultly of this job into consideration when playing your game.

A room booking in Sydney with a live actor means you’ll be playing with someone vastly experienced and familiar with every aspect of the room. They’re there for you – so have fun with them! Experience it at our escape rooms in South Sydney and see for yourself! Carefully observe their body language and movements, as they’ll show subtle hints and clues to help you advance through the game.

Typically, escape rooms in Sydney will have a one-hour timer, which starts ticking as soon as the doors are shut. Keep a cool head to manage the stresses of a ticking clock and escape within the time limit to win the game!

Common Escape Room Mistakes

When you first enter an escape game, it’s perfectly normal to initially be overwhelmed. At first, you’ll find yourself struggling to figure out what task you should do first as the clock starts to tick down. First time players usually ask: what are the common mistakes people make? Here are a few examples that can result in a poor experience for your escape room game in Sydney.

First of all, trying to solve puzzles without all the information available is a big mistake – so make sure you have all the necessary information before trying to solve any puzzles. Sydney escape games have an array of interesting clues and puzzles that require a lot of thought and consideration. It’s normal for players to feel under pressure as the clock ticks down. The pressure can create mistakes and force players to forget about clues in order to complete the room as quickly as possible.

It’s good to factor in the timed element of an escape game, as it can let you know how much more you need to do. But it’s also important you don’t let it bog you down. Focussing too much on the time can force mistakes, make you rush things and cause irritation in the group. Escape rooms in Sydney Central are designed for everyone to play, so remember to enjoy the moment.

Communication is the key to success in an escape room Sydney. Ignoring your team and choosing to play as a lone wolf will negatively affect your team’s performance. Think of a strategy and decide roles for each team member for a cohesive and effective experience. Think out loud and be vocal in your decision-making!

Being observant and aware of your surroundings might seem obvious but there are plenty of diversions involved, which are designed to purposely baffle and distract you. As we’ve mentioned, escape room actors can hinder or advance your progress – try and stay focussed on your objective!

We’ve discussed people who try to rush clues, but the reverse of that can be equally wasteful. There are are those who spend far too long on a single clue and end up overthinking. It would be a mistake to assume all escape room locations are strictly logical or intellectual – some clues might be more obvious that you think and it’s not always necessary to dig below the surface. Remember to use your imagination in an escape room in Sydney.

Playing the best escape games in Sydney can sharpen your skills, or help you learn new ones. Most frequently asked questions involve people asking what skills they need prior to playing an escape game for the first time. It’s true that some escape games can be tricky, so here are some skills that can be beneficial to new and veteran players.

You’ll likely fail if your team lacks the communication required to solve puzzles. Having success in an escape game revolves around being able to work well as part of a team – this is a well-known concept of escape rooms. Teamwork and teambuilding are two major aspects of activity. Try out a Sydney escaping game for yourself and learn this life skill whilst having fun doing it.

Clues can be small and even unnoticeable. This is where spatial awareness and perception comes in – you need to use all your perceptive powers to locate each one. Escape game companies in Sydney have extremely detailed rooms, meaning you’ll need to search far and wide for anything that can help your progress. Become a master of perception.

Escape games will teach you not to take everything at face value – you’ll encounter certain clues and puzzles than can only be solved by thinking creatively. Think outside the box to solve particularly cryptic riddles and puzzles.

Concentration is key. Being able to focus your undivided attention for a full hour in order to complete a goal is tricky but rewarding. Escape rooms in Oakleigh will teach you the importance of patience, concentration and the ability to think critically.

Everyone loves some healthy competition between friends and colleagues. The timed element of escape rooms in Sydney can stoke the competitive fires of even the most reserved players. Beating the clock and setting a new escape record will give you a rewarding feeling of satisfaction.

What can an Escape Room First-Timer Expect?

It’s common for an escape game newbie to feel overwhelmed at first. You’re about to be locked in an immersive room filled with clues and puzzles – who knows what to expect? If you’re thinking of trying out an escape room in Sydney for the first time, here are some important things to remember.

People tend to over analyse simple things and end up getting lost down the rabbit hole. Remind yourself that the average person should be able to complete an escape room. Consider the escape room timings. One hour should be enough time for the average person to complete the game.

If you find yourself wasting time being stuck on a tricky lock or code, go through your group members. Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need to solve more difficult puzzles. An escape room with live actors can even give you tips or hints if you’re really stuck as a last resort.

Put the clues and codes you find in one clear and easy-to-find location and don’t let group members walk around with clues that you don’t know about! Group the clues together for a better view of the emerging picture. Finally, create a discard pile of used keys to ensure people don’t waste time on them.

The genres of the game will have a big impact on how you should approach the story. Keep the room’s theme in mind and think of it like a real-life story when you’re searching for clues in an escape room in Sydney.

Now, we understand assigning roles to group members can be a drag. Players typically want to enter the room and express themselves in how they see fit – and that’s perfectly fine. But assigning roles can play a big part in your escape room success for more serious players. If you have a set time that you want to beat then it’s a good idea to assign roles. Roles provide cohesion to your group if you’re looking for an efficient, beat-the-clock type experience.

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