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Who should play Escape Dothan’s games?  If you are interested in solving puzzles, playing a live action video game or just like an adrenaline-pumping adventure then our escape games are for you!  Physical strength is never required but our puzzle rooms do demand critical thinking, teamwork, logic and performance under pressure.  Sorry, our puzzles are not recommended for young children who do not have problem solving skills.

How to play an Escape Dothan room:  After a safety briefing and story line video you will be ‘locked’ in a puzzle room with your teammates.  You must search out clues, crack codes and complete puzzles in order to solve your way out of the room.  You only have ONE hour so get started, it goes faster than you think!

Strengthen your team with Escape Dothan.  Corporate organizations and management teams can use our escape games as team building exercises.  Whether you want to observe your employees or participate as part of the team, we can customize a 3 hour experience to meet you needs.  We offer fully catered seminars including two puzzles and the use of our private meeting room.  We can accommodate 8-30 players and can provide anything from light refreshments to full meals from your choice of caterers.

Room Descriptions:

Time Warp:  You awaken in a familiar apartment but something is not right.  Strange furnishings and crazy colors surround you.  You discover the year is 1974!  Solve the puzzles in this 70‘s room in less than an hour in order to escape the past or be stuck there forever!  Can you dig it?

Murder at the Mansion:  You have entered the study of a wealthy businessman only to find a ghastly crime has been committed.  Gather and piece together clues to figure out who did it and with what weapon.  With only an hour to crack the case you will have to hurry or you could be the next victim!

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