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Live Game Escape

Live Game Escape is the first live room escape in Las Vegas, “Escape” is committed to providing new concept of entertainment. Four well-designed new game rooms are assigned series of puzzles and riddles. In 45 minutes, players will be in a room and they have to solve all the problems in order to get out of the rooms using team-work, critical thinking and logic. Will your team be able to escape within limited time? Come enjoy the games and test your mind.

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October 2, 2016

Live Game Escape was a bit of an odd room. The website plays it up as a very creepy/scary room, which it absolutely is not (hint: playing Ghostbusters doesn’t help). The puzzles were so linear that many in the room were just looking over people’s shoulders, and the puzzles were at times, illogical. In fact the entire premise is illogical. You are in a room that is supposed to be a haunted old daycare. For some reason, you have to find all the codes, and put them into a computer touchscreen. Why is that touchscreen there? Did the ghosts put it there? Did the ghosts program it to do these puzzles? It’s completely illogical. Add to that the fact that many of the tech items did not work at all, and that leads to an odd experience. Quite honestly, it is one of the worst rooms I have been to.

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